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Come Celebrate 45 Years of Community at this 3 Day All-Inclusive Retreat. Registration covers ALL workshops, entertainment, meals and lodging or camping!



How are rates deterimined?
We calculate what it costs to produce the event and determine a price per person that will pay this, with enough left over to start it up again next year. Costs include camp rental, purchase of food and supplies, paying our headline entertainment, advertising, rental of equipment, insurance, lifeguarding, and other costs. Costs are kept low because nearly all the effort is done by volunteers. If this event were run as a for-profit enterprise, it would cost three or four times what it does.
Can I get a special rate because I can’t attend the entire event?
We have three rates for attendance: Full Weekend (Friday through Sunday), Partial Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), or Saturday Only.
Can I just decide to show up and register at the event?
We strongly discourage this and there is a hefty price to pay if you choose to do this. Because we must buy lots of food to feed everyone, we need to know how many to feed. By purchasing for those who we know will be there, we are able to feed everyone adequately, and reduce our waste by not buying for folks that do not come. So please don’t wait to decide!
Cancellation and Refund Policy
If you have registered and for any reason are unable to attend, let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel before September 1, you will get refunded 80% of your fees. Cancellations between September 1 and September 11 will be refunded 50% of your fees. Cancellations after September 11 will not be refunded. Refunds on payments made through PayPal will be refunded through PayPal. Refunds made by check will be refunded by check after October 15.

Before starting the refund process, consider gifting your ticket to someone who you think would benefit from this experience. If you still wish to cancel your reservation, contact us and tell us your reasons. Click here to go to the Contact page, to fill out the Contact Form.